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R.A.D. opened its doors in 1989. R.A.D. sets and effects has served the Film and Media industry for over 20 years. R.A.D. is a one-stop company where film makers, national commercial agencies, production companies, and record labels utilize creative services for their products and artistic ventures.

R.A.D. Sets and EffectsNo project is too big or too small. RAD works with both union and non-union experts and craftsperson in designing, building, transporting, operating, and installing: props, sets, and effects - on stage or location. Professional props!

In-town or out-of-town is never a problem. RAD does it where ever the shoe fits. RAD: always ready to pack our bags and head out to where the filming is good.  Making works function on location is a RAD specialty. Let’s Go Team!

Working with RAD is Blast. Von Kraemer DeWitt, Owner – Operator, has an extensive history creating special effects - including working with pyrotechnics, explosives, and stunt persons. RAD: Always made SAFE!

Wet or dry. RAD: designs, engineers, and constructs practical props for all environments and situation. Von is a certified diver, and likes to get wet.

RAD: is production’s best friend. Problem solving is a key to connecting the parts. Keeping costs low is priority.  LA based RAD re-creates a river canyon, fixing a lost insert shot for the movie Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventure of Pecos Bill. Innovative use of:  laser leveler, Styrofoam, coats of scenic mud, and paint, exactly matched a slide taken the previous year.

RAD knows making stuff work for camera is key. Simple practical gags, like floating sets on inner tubes, give lifelike motion; adding of a couple of chains and clanking metal, on-the-spot Foley was realized. Smart cheap plans, budgeting, and solutions.

When engineering counts. RAD was given the specifications to make Santa’s sled; pulled by a pair of reindeer, across the white sands test range at Alamogordo New Mexico. The crusted sands were three inches thick and broke apart at 100 pound per square foot. Thus, RAD fabricated a super lightweight slay using composite materials and huge soft tires allowing real action - Mimicking a slay ride through the snow. Fat Santa, two child actors, and presents had to be added to the calculations.

RAD works hand-in-had with production; the boss is a bit of a prop perfectionist. Von knows that TV production is often $10,000 an hour on set, so showing up and “getting the job done right” is primary. RAD: a specialty shop that prefers taking on artistic and strange projects that need a bit of thinking to achieve. Need some good hands? Contact the Pig; fine swine will be there in a flash to get your job on film.