“What the pork is Galactic Pig”?

Having suffered multiple contusions and bouts of extreme disgust at the hands of Hollywood’s often entrenched mediocre, a surfer-cool group of talented, dedicated, and (egoless) intergalactic filmmakers have banded together - in the goal of producing top notch media entertainment.

Galactic Pig produces cutting-edge Twilight Zone-esque, and classically constructed Metaphysical Horror and Science Fiction stories. Galactic Pig products are homegrown specifically for the salivating SCIFI / horror audience; an audience grunting loudly for anything substantial; an audience festering in sty of overused ideas. We reject the rote studio oligopical standard, where on-screen talent is typically paid more than the script writers.

“Squeal!” Not at Galactic Pig! Never! As John Lasseter, at PIXAR said: “Story is everything.”

The Galactic Pig is irreverent. Pig stories illustrate our potentially warped futures and disturb our most controversial inner thoughts. We Galactic Pigs realize your media future is viral and mutating. The Pig knows you fellow grunts are our new 21st century audience; a core group of intense swine - lusting for Prime Meat.

All film enthusiasts are Pigs; we just call it like we see it; we know who we are. This pork’s for you! Enjoy!!

Galactic Pig Productions: “Slopping the troughs about our galactic pen.”

“Welcome Pig Fans!!”